Sitka High School Mock Trial 1st & 3rd place winners, 2023

2024 Alaska High School Mock Trial Competition

 Date: April 5-6, 2024

The Alaska High School Mock Trial Competition is an annual event sponsored by the Anchorage Bar Association. Participation in mock trial not only teaches high school students about the law and courtroom experience, but it also builds critical thinking and public speaking skills. The competition draws teams of 6-9 high school students from around the state to compete in a series of simulated trials, with students playing the rolls of both attorneys and witnesses. Students are provided a set of case materials consisting of legal pleadings, witness affidavits, and exhibits. Case materials alternate between civil and criminal cases. The current problem and past problems are available elsewhere on this page, along with some suggested training materials for high school teachers that may not be particularly familiar with preparing for mock trial.

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2024 Case Overview

Riley Reynolds is an 18-year-old high school senior at North Alaskopolis High School. Riley is suing his/her former best friend, Bailey Crawford, for defamation after Bailey told Riley’s math teacher, Peyton Shepherd, that Riley had cheated on an algebra midterm, leading to Riley being pulled from the high school state swim championships and losing out on a potential college scholarship worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Riley denies having cheated and claims to have benefitted from the math tutoring of Frankie Alexie, who happens to be Peyton’s roommate and who may or may not have stolen a copy of the midterm. After receiving a 97% on the midterm, Riley bragged about it to Bailey; the contents of what Riley said to Bailey are in dispute, both by them and by others who heard the conversation. Did Riley cheat on the midterm? Is Bailey liable for defamation? It is up to you to litigate the answer.

Official Case Materials and Competition Rules

Reynolds v. Crawford: Mock Trial Materials 2024 2024 Mock Trial Competition Problem