01/18/2024 Anchorage Bar CLE Criminal Law Basics


Attorney Matthew Widmer 



(Approved for 1 CLE Credit)

This CLE will provide basic information to civil practitioners about criminal law. Topics will include the mechanics and timeline of a criminal case from investigation and arrest to pretrial procedures, trial, sentencing, and appeal. The focus of each topic will be an overview of a defendant’s rights at each stage of those proceedings from a practical perspective, as well as considerations that should be taken into account by an attorney, including plea negotiation, therapeutic court alternatives to a criminal prosecution, and bail. This CLE is designed to make a non-criminal practitioner aware of certain issues so that: 1) advice or assistance may be given in an emergency, commensurate with ARPC 1.1(b); and 2) attorneys interested in expanding their practice into criminal matters can begin to appreciate the nuances and complexities of such a practice so that they understand the additional knowledge and education needed to obtain competence under ARPC 1.1(a).

January 18, 2024 12 – 1 pm 

Venue will be announced