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2017 Alaska High School Mock Trial Competition

The annual Alaska High School Mock Trial Competition was held March 2-4, 2017.  The finals were West Anchorage High School v. West Anchorage High School. In a bit of an upset, West Anchorage High School won. A big thank you for the volunteers who make this great competition happen:  Ryan Fortson, Sarah Park, Emily Conlee, Lars Johnson, Mike McGivney, Luba Barnitskaia, Kevin Coe, and Adam Gulkis. The final round was judged by Justices Bolger and Maassen, and Judges Christen, Mannehimer, and Saxby.

Competition Overview
Schools present teams of high school students with the chance to learn about individual liberties and the legal process and to explore career opportunities within the law by participating in a simulated trial against other teams. Each team consists of six to nine members who play the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a simulated bench trial setting. There are four preliminary rounds to the competition, a semi-final round, and finally a final round. Each round lasts approximately two hours. Over the course of the competition, students must make opening and closing arguments, examine and cross-examine witnesses, introduce evidence, and face and defend multiple hearsay or related objections. Teams are evaluated by a three-person panel of judges, attorneys, and law clerks.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in being a volunteer judge, please e-mail the Mock Trial committee at mocktrial.alaska@gmail.com

Thank you.

Official Case Materials and Competition Rules

Taylor v. True North Productions, Inc.


Problem Overview

Taylor v. True North Productions, Inc. centers on a fictional reality television program set in remote Alaska. Contestants in Alaska Survival Extreme must persevere through the harsh conditions of the wilds of Alaska while facing a variety of demanding physical and mental challenges. The show lasts for one full month, and any contestants who survive the full month share in a substantial award pool. Unfortunately, one of the contestants in the July 2016 season, Drew Taylor, died on the 22nd day of filming during a strenuous climb up a nearby mountain of a heart attack. Drew’s surviving spouse, Peyton Taylor, is suing the production company, North Star Productions, Inc., for damages arising from a wrongful death.

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